Re: 0.8.0 bug w/ local mailbox

On Mon, 22 May 2000 19:00:41 David Lu wrote:
> when i get new mail in my local mailbox (/var/spool/mail/xxx),
> neither clicking on the "Check" button or selecting the
> "File | Get new mail" menu item refreshes my inbox.  the
> only way i seem to be able to get new mail is to either
> quit and restart balsa, or close Inbox and reopen it.

"Check" and "Get new mail" check your POP3 servers... as for
Balsa not detecting changes to mailboxes, I hate to say it
but it's an outstanding bug that really needs to be addressed

> and when i delete an email from my inbox, the mail is not
> removed from /var/spool/mail/xxx, even though a copy of that
> email is placed in mail/trash.  as a result, every time i
> restart balsa, i get all my deleted emails in the inbox again.

Odds are this is a reflection of the previous bug, where 
basically we lose our changes made to a mailbox if the mailbox
changes under us.

Peter Williams

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