Re: Gnomecard Mailing lists?

On 2000-05-09 17:54 micah craig wrote:
> There are people in my Gnomecard database with multiple email
> addresses, and sometimes I want to use one and sometimes another, but
> rarely do I want to use them all at once.  While I agree that simple
> mailing list support is more important, will it be possible do choose
> in what way balsa uses a Gnomecard entry with multiple email
> addresses?

So how do you choose the 'right one' from the gnomecard? is it the first
one? Would you mind suggesting any algorithm? It seems like gnome card
should have an entry "preferred email address". if it null, all adresses
are taken.

> On the subject of Gnomecard<->balsa interaction, is there any work
> under way to impliment some sort of contact add "wizard" functionality
> in balsa? ie: a way to quickly add the name and email address from a
> message to your Gnomecard database?

Do you mean kind of "Take Address" of pine? I.e. you ask balsa to take
list of addresses from a selected mail and allow fast creation of
gnomecard entries?


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