In trouble again

In an attempt to eradicate the problems I have been experiencing with
RH6.0 and Balsa
I decided to completely reinstall both.

I got libPropList-0.10.1 and Balsa-0.8.1 (rpm) from the Balsa website.
When configuring
libPropList I use the following syntax - configure --prefix=/usr then
make and make install
this seems to work, so far as it goes.

But when I come to install Balsa using  Gnorpm, it flags a dependency
problem relating to
libPropList, despite having /usr/lib listed in /etc/, anyway I
proceed anyway -
intrepid fellow that I am, and the rpm gets installed.

Know when I try to run balsa from the terminal window the following
error occurs
*** Could not load config file .balsarc!
balsa: error in loading shared libraries: balsa : undefined symbol:

Help? Please.


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