Re: libglade and mailbox structure - opinion requested

I have done some thinking and had some difficulties to understand your idea.
What kind of data structure you want to use to organize the mailboxes? What
advantages does it have over the present one? Have I understood correctly
that you want in a way want to put together Mailbox and MailboxNode

I agree the present data organisation is not perfect. We load up PropList
tree (I understood from communication with Peter Williams this one is going
to be changed), which is converted to balsa_app.mailbox_nodes, and finally we
assemble all the mailboxes to balsa_app.mblist which is actually shown. The
problem I see with present implementation is that it doesn't distinguish
between leaves (mailboxes) and other kind of nodes (directories, servers).
This is the point that I think should be addressed.

In any case you can do as you please, I think however it's better to
discuss these issues (I wonder if other developers would mind providing some input
to the discussion as well).


On 2000-06-21 21:50 Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> so the capibility for doing nested folders can be done...  i initially
> did something ugly (the GNode of MailboxNodes) to do this with local
> mail folders (directory recursion from a specified directory would pick
> up all folders/mailboxes).
> I don't think this is the best way to do this...
> each mailbox should have a pointer to a GNode.
> so add GNode to the Mailbox struct:
> for mbox mailboxes, this GNode root would be the mailbox.
> for imap mailboxes, it would contain a pointer to itself located
> somewhere inside the imap mailboxes's server's GNode.
> for mh, it would work like imap, except it wouldn't have a server.

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