Re: Bug fix release?

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Peter Williams wrote:
> Can you give me some function names that I should be checking out? I really
> want to get this synchronizing stuff working... you may note that the
> menu item Mailbox/Commit Current doesn't work the way it should; you can see
> that this does not update the file on disk as it should.

Okay, I did some work on it last night, and in that code I put a check in
balsa_mblist_check_new to see if the mailbox's open_ref is greater than
zero.  If it is, use the function mailbox_check_new_messages from
libbalsa/mailbox.c.  That function looks to be almost exactly what we need,
... except I couldn't get it to work properly.  I didn't get much of a
chance to debug it, hopefully tonight I can do some more.  

I'm very curious why the load_messages call in mailbox_check_new_messages is
conatined within the BALSA_USE_THREADS #ifndef's.  You wouldn't happen to
have any idea would you?  The function is called in several other places,
where the program seems to assume the message hash will get updated if that
function is called.  

> Sigh. Maybe we should just write this code from scratch...

Let's give this a try, I think it will work.


Matthew Guenther                     "I came to kick ass and chew gum...                and I'm all out of gum"

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