Re: Bug fix release?

On Tue, 06 Jun 2000 10:47:42 Matthew Guenther wrote:
> I've got somewhat of a handle on what's going on there, however I haven't
> had time to code a fix lately.  One issue is that Balsa is closing the in

Can you give me some function names that I should be checking out? I really
want to get this synchronizing stuff working... you may note that the
menu item Mailbox/Commit Current doesn't work the way it should; you can see
that this does not update the file on disk as it should.

I guess we have two basic problems:
- We do not write our changes to disk when we should
(causes: messages not marked as read, not deleted, etc.)
- We do not notice changes on disk when we should
(causes: don't notice new/deleted messages)
- These sometimes combine:
(causes: commits we thought we made lost)

Sigh. Maybe we should just write this code from scratch...

Peter Williams

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