Re: Bug fix release?

On Tue, 06 Jun 2000 15:47:42 Matthew Guenther wrote:
> >
> I've got somewhat of a handle on what's going on there, however I haven't
> had time to code a fix lately.  One issue is that Balsa is closing the in
> memory mailbox and then checking for unread messages on disk before the back
> end has completed marking messages as read.  To demonstrate this I often
> open the same mailbox in mutt and Balsa, then close the one in Balsa after
> reading all the messages.  The mailbox will show up in the mailbox list as
> containing unread messages, while in mutt you can clearly see they have all
> been marked as read.  So this is simply a timing issue.  

Ok, this is consistent with what i saw in the code. So it's a simple mather 
of doing mbox locking. 
However, if i'm not senile i've seen this happen on a threadless version of 
balsa, which is totally blocking. May be another issue though.

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