Re: no intl in cvs

kažkada, berods Št, 2000-12-23 02:48+0200, Nerijus Baliunas rašė:
> Hello,
> There is no intl subdir in cvs (or it is empty?), but I get an error:
> AM_GNU_GETTEXT in but `intl' not in SUBDIRS

intl directory should never be in any CVS module. Anyway, it is created by
gettextize, and is absolutely the same for all programs. However, that
directory is a pain sometimes... more specifically, if you ever  run  "make
uninstall", it can break your gettext installation and gettextize no longer
works. Then just reinstall gettext package.

also, I believe it should be AM_GNOME_GETTEXT, but in this case it doesn't

P.S. actually I have removed that directory from CVS, but not sure if have
done this correctly (maybe should do something with CVSROOT?). However, it
builds fine.


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