Re: a question that has to do with gnome-print.

I had this, I had to force a reinstall of 


and maybe the lib itself. I think I removed the packages and installed them
again, but I guess apt-get install --reinstall would work.

I guess there is a bug with helix's packages.


On 2000-12-16 18:55:24 +0000 Kent Nyberg wrote:
> I have compiled balsa from CVS today and as always it 
> workes realy fine.
> But when i tried to use gnome-print i get this stupid error
> that it can not fint the font helvetica.
> How come?
> Can this be changed or does gnome-print *ALWAYS* depend on 
> that font?
> I dont use the helvetica font in balsa, so it cant be that.
> It seemes strange that gnome-print depends on a font that
> isn't installed with debian's apt-get system.
> apt-get usualy make sure that no dependency errors exists..
> Well.. this may not be a balsa question.. but who knows.
> Maybe it is balsa that makes gnome-print want that stupid
> helvetica font :)
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