Problems with Balsa 1.0

I have been trying balsa 1.0 (installed from an RPM and using the Helix
libraries) and I have two problems/complaints that maybe someone can help me

How do I get balsa to automatically move all my new mail from my spool file
(/var/spool/mail/paulr) into my inbox file (in my own directory tree)? Balsa
seems to want me to leave all the messages in the spool file, which is not
appropriate for my setup.

The other complaint is the handling of MIME types. It seems that balsa is
only using the system's MIME table. It does not recognize any entries which
are in my .gnome/mime-info/user.* files.

Thanks in advance (and if there is a better forum, please let me know).

	  Paul Rensing

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