Re: Problems with Balsa 1.0

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Paul Rensing wrote:
> I have been trying balsa 1.0 (installed from an RPM and using the Helix
> libraries) and I have two problems/complaints that maybe someone can help me
> with.
> How do I get balsa to automatically move all my new mail from my spool file
> (/var/spool/mail/paulr) into my inbox file (in my own directory tree)? Balsa
> seems to want me to leave all the messages in the spool file, which is not
> appropriate for my setup.

Automatically, it can't be done yet.  However if you are willing to do a
little reading on procmail it is trivial to have it divert your mail to
another mailbox in a more appropriate location.  Check out 'man procmail'

> The other complaint is the handling of MIME types. It seems that balsa is
> only using the system's MIME table. It does not recognize any entries which
> are in my .gnome/mime-info/user.* files.

Where exactly is balsa not recognizing these mime types?  When you create a
message, or when you're reading them?  The mime types for attachments when
reading messages are set by the sending mail client.  For creating messages,
I can't see how we could have a problem, as we use the gnome mime routines.

I forgot to test this problem last night, I'll try to remember today and
take a look.


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