new imap stuff.


I just would like to announce that _theoretically_ balsa has now support
for fancy IMAP authentiation/encryption methods like CRAM-MD5, SSL, GSS
at mutt-1.2.5i level. I haven't really tested it (just verified basic
functionality) but it is available for testing.

I have also one question, and one suggestion.
1. first, libimap and libmutt are mutually dependent. I had to put
something as follows int src/
	$(top_builddir)/libbalsa/libbalsa.a	\
	$(top_builddir)/libmutt/imap/libimap.a	\
	$(top_builddir)/libmutt/libmutt.a	\
	$(top_builddir)/libmutt/imap/libimap.a	\
	$(top_builddir)/libmutt/libmutt.a	\
	$(top_builddir)/libinit_balsa/libinit_balsa.a \

which is an overkill. How can one simplify it?

2. I have noticed that mutt code uses extensively mutt_message. Present
impplementation of mutt_message() in libbalsa/libbalsa.c is not very
practical, I wonder what is the best way of implementing it: setting the
status line, popping up a message box (I'd rather hate the second option)?


Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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