Re: rpm can't find libPropList

This is not a balsa question, it's rpm question, IMO. RTM.

If you are sure you have libPropList installed, you can always rpm
If you install libPropList.rpm, you will not have this problem.

There are some plans to remove libPropList dependency, but they are not
finalized yet (one can always try cvs co balsa -r BALSA-CONFIG, IIRC).


On 27 Aug 2000 18:00 Paul Lewis wrote:
> You are not doing anything wrong. I had the same problem, The rpm
> always complains about libPropList dependency errors. I expect it is
> libPropList is not in the rpm database.

Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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