Re: I cann't add POP3 server

On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 11:24:38AM +0200, Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2000-08-03 09:06 Ian Campbell wrote:
> > normally handles this, and he seems to be away (I can't remember how
> > long he was going for)...
> I have just come back (uff, July was really rainy in large part of
> Europe, wasn't it?). Concerning, the release, it's good idea, I just wonder if

That's not good to hear :-(  I hope you had a good vacation regardless.  See
any cool sights,  Or just take some time off?

> there are any patches that should get in (I haven't had time to had a
> closer look at the code; what about LDAP and alias patches, have they been
> commited, has anybody had a closer look at them?
> Anyway, we could make the release on, say, Friday or Saturday, what do
> you think guys? I have also impression we could release also 0.8.2, the
> 'stable' branch is old and ugly compared to 0.9.0 but I see in the downolad
> stats that people keep downloading it.

I have a patch for multi-threaded mailbox index updating almost ready to go
(just a few bugs to squash), but I have not had and will not have any time
to work on it until after the 8th.  I currently have three term papers and a
final exam on that day so I'm in hard-core school mode right now.  This is
what Ian mentioned in an earlier mail about me messing with the sending
code.  I've slightly mussed with the threaded stuff, but I haven't had a
chance to sit down and finish it.  

Whatever you want to do will probably be okay, but I would like to get this
patch in the next release if I could.  If we delay until next weekend I
could almost certainly get this done, and Bernard could fix the few problems
that exist with the alias expansion stuff.

Just my $0.02


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