Re: Who uses unthreaded balsa

On Thu, 03 Aug 2000 21:23:17 Richard Hult wrote:
> > If you have the choice but for some reason want to use threadless I would
> > be interested to know why as well, if it's because you find threaded balsa
> I've been using the threadless version because the threaded one was very
> buggy at the time I wrote my build script.

It's a lot better now I suspect ;-)

> I think that maybe the threaded version should always be default when the
> threads support is found. This way more people would using that version and
> bugs, if any, would be found more quickly.

I thought it was - but it seems not. This is a good idea, in the long run I
would like to cleanup all the #ifdefs though...

> Regards,
> Richard

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