Stuartīs commit and a fix for the other bug I found

First of all answer to Stuartīs message

On 24-Oct-99 Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> I checked in the fix for this.
> David Pickens wrote:
>> Just to follow up on my last message, the corrected line would read
>> something like the following:
>> if( MAILBOX_POP3 (mailbox)->last_popped_uid == NULL
>>      || strcmp( MAILBOX_POP3 (mailbox)->last_popped_uid, uid ) != 0 )

Well, you did check in an fix, but I believe not the correct one.
You put

if(MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid != NULL &&
         strcmp(MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid, uid) != 0)

which doesnīt do the job. Because if MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid is a
pointer to NULL (this happens always the first time you use balsa to check the mail
in a pop3 account) it never do the if condition and never gets saved the uid of the 
last message popped, so it keep downloading the same messages it downloaded before.

The other one, is the one I told you about balsa saving a wrong hostname when saving
the last_popped_uid value in .balsarc
I started to blame the libProplist library funtions  and I have to apologize because
itīs not itīs fault

The problem is at src/save-restore.c:218

you can find

pl_dict_add_str_str (mbox_dict, "Server",
                           MAILBOX_POP3 (mailbox)->server);

and it should be

pl_dict_add_str_str (mbox_dict, "Server",
                           MAILBOX_POP3 (mailbox)->server->host);

Stuart, can you check this in while you fix the other one?



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