Another problem


Its me again,
I see that David found and fix the bug before I did, Im glad.
This is one of the reasons Im waiting for Stuart to finish making the commitment of
the patch you all sended.

But in the mean while, I cannot use Balsa (doesnt have enoght funtionality for my
needs just yet), so I keep working on it.

I have found another problem in the Pop3 funtionality, now it those check and
retrive the proper messages, but when it saves the las popped message uid, it also
put some understandable mess instead of the server name. 

I thing it is becase of some problem whith libproplist (Im starting to think this
library really suck), just like the one that doesnt let me make a new pop account
if I dont make it by hand in the .balsarc.

Another thing Ive found is that Balsa has a terrible error handling (if something
fails in pop checking balsa exits after giving the error).

Please tell me if any of this things are already fix if no Ill start working on

Please Stuart think very seriously about using gnome-config.



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