I've updated the address-book.

new things:
	* no comp. warnings anymore (the address-book).
	* supports more than one internet address. Since GnomeCard does,
	  why shouldn't we?
	* name search.
	* changed the "Run GnomeCard" icon (since the old one seem to be
	  gone). The best I could find was the open icon. If any have
	  a better one , feel free to change it :)

To join the discussion about threading and stuff... I don't have too much
to add, but AFAIK you guy's have more to say here. I just wanted to add
that we must have the Evolution project in mind. If we're going to do a
re-write of the backend, we should take a look at the Evelotion
project. Even if it's not ready yet.

It would be kinda stupid to re-write someting, and then do a full re-write
again. Just because we didn't think of this new ting, and their way of
doing it.

well be happy :)


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