I was just wondering if this could be a good idea?

What about makeing a gnome_applet? (named for example balsa_applet.)

This is what I thought it could do:
	* check for new messages every xx. sec. ( I know such things exists,
	  but their no good when your using procmail.) Just scan through 
	  "LocalMailDir" for new messages.
	* have a nice spinning icon, play a sound or something when new mail
	* update the messageboxlist to show which messagebox that got the new
	* to run even if balsa isn't running. (a click on the applet would open
	* be optional to use :)

Well, just a thought. Could this be interesting?

Since I'm not into this POP/thread discussion, I have been doing some other
tings. I have started on a "search-engine", I miss this functionality in all
mailclients I've seen on Linux/unix platform.

This is what I got so far. (Just been playing with GUI for now). shots are
included. I know it look a bit like MS, but hey we can't reinvent all, just
becasue MS got it already :)




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