Re: Drat! (Re: Todo list -- POP3 retriever)

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999 23:57:37 Chris Gonnerman wrote:
> Remember when you write functions that suck up virtual storage to hold
> messages, that some people like to mail all their friends UGACHAKA.AVI... 1.5
> Mb of pure junk, expanded by MIME encoding... I always avoid using virtual
> storage that lavishly.
> Does Balsa do that?  Just how big a message can you reasonably expect to store
> in a Message structure?

Well, my theory is, if somebody is going to see that message, they're going
to use up as much or more virtual storage when they view it as we need now, so
trying to avoid using that much storage *at all* is pointless. However, trying
to minimize usage of that storage is a fine goal... if you're writing
the code, so long as it works and behaves I won't complain :-)

Peter Williams

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