Coding Style

Hi there,

to say it first: this mail is by no means intended to offense anyone. Ok, this said...

...I had a look at the balsa code over the weekend and it seems (in opposite to other gnome-projects) not very intuitive to me. E.g. it took some time to find which init code is supposed to create .balsarc, just because its not clear why some init stuff is in main.c and some is in balsa-init.c. In addition I saw some mails here, discussing coding style. After development resumed here, and I would be very interested in adding my share, I would really suggest to start on something I would call balsa2 - a new project using libbalsa (or later evolution) and all the other existing stuff. But no libmutt and with a complete rewrite/redesign/cleanup (whatever suits best in case) of the existing codebase.

Actually it seems to me that we do not have a clean codebase, and as everyone starts adding patches, that will even get worse.

So what do you all think?


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