libmutt and balsa coding style

Hello fellows.

I know balsa someday will have evolution for backend but for now we are
stuck with libmutt. I think libmutt evolved since someone add it
to balsa and the version on balsa was not updated since then. (I'm
guessing this last part).

So I was thinking in downloading the latest libmutt and fix somebugs
wandering about on the current balsa backend. But before doing this I
need to know if you people think this is going to take me anywhere.

I'm also interested in makeing the balsa code style uniform but I don't
like too mutch the styles people are using. Can I impose my code style
here? ... maybe not ... or if you people could take a look at the one I'm
using on gtm ( and tell me what
you people think about this subject it would be great. (Special you,
Stuart, because the project is yours). Or even better, define the standard
and we all follow that (and I take the responsability of updating all the
code to this selected style).

I'm sending an email to Miguel to get an CVS account to work on balsa...
and I need that to start adding stuff to balsa.

                                               Bruno Pires Marinho

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