Re: Balsa ToDo

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 07:28:14 Knut Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> I just gave balsa another try, after figuring how to setup my local sendmail and noticed a few oddities:
> * When deleting mail from incoming mailbox (/var/spool/mail/knut) its still there after closing and
> reopening (or updating) the mailbox

In my experience this happens when new mail arrives in the box while it is open. I do not know
what fixing this problem will entail; hopefully a new folder system in development will help.

> * When creating a mailbox in a folder from mailbox tree view, the mailbox appears two times after
> restarting balsa: its listed IN the folder and in the trees ROOT

This is because of how Balsa adds folders. First, the folder is loaded from the configuration file.
Then, Balsa scans for folders and adds it again. The workaround is to check in the scanning code
whether the folder is already present, but I haven't done it yet.

> * Message status is not updated until the update menu item is selected or the mailbox is closed and
> reopened, thats really stressy when handling lots of mails (feature idea: context menu with status
> column, so the user may set status for a bunch of selected mails)

That bit of code for some reason stopped working with the new view code. I'm going to fix it right now
because it's such a pain in the ass :-)

Peter Williams

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