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On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Peter Williams wrote:

> Greetings citizens;
> I've started hammering away on Balsa, particularly the GUI (not changing it,
> just making it work). Can the adventurous take a look at the CVS version and
> point out things that suck? I'll see what I can do about them,
> Thanks,
> Peter
> ==============================
> Peter Williams


I was a bit worried that balsa was going to remain the same way for ever -
which would have been  a shame because having gone through all the
gnome mail packages I think it is by far the best. It's nice to see stuff

I've just downloaded the latest cvs version (17Nov) and these are some
things that I think could do with some work or changes that would make it
more useable.

- doesn't remember window size between exiting and rerunning.

- you can can double click on a folder to open it. It would be nice if you
could double click on a folder to close it again.

- when you close a folder the current message remains in the bottom
message pane. This looks a little strange but I'm not sure that it's
really a problem.

- at the moment, when you read a new message the new message icon does not
disappear from the message list unless you close and re-open the folder.

- at the moment when you delete a message the delete icon does not appear
in the message list. 

- it would be nice if there were an option for messages to be
automatically moved from the current folder to the trash folder when they
are deleted rather than waiting until you close and re-open the folder.

- the bottom message pane would be much more useful if you could highlight
text in it to allow you  to paste into other windows. it would also be
nice if url's were 'clickable'.

- 'view full headers' is often a good thing to have.

Sorry if this seems like a long list to just dump on you - but you did
ask. Some of the items may not be strictly GUI related, some of them have
only recently appeared as problems - like the icons (I assume these are
down to the changes stuart has been making) and some of them have always
niggled me. Thanks for offering to fix stuff.



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