Re: CVS updates

I like it,

Things missing from the "old" balsa:

* Drag'n Drop are missing. (when moving mail from list to mailbox in treeview)
* The Attribute icon isn't changing anymore.

Another thing, don't know if it is a bug or feature :) But now it's possible to click the "continue" button in all mailboxes. I liked it; because it's now possible to re-send mail... Maybe we only should rename the button to "re-send" when we're not in the draft-box?

Things I would  changed :)

* what about makeing the text in preview-pane selectable?
* what about remembering the composing/forward/reply-window? 
* what about making a options to automaticlly break lines when sending mail?

and are the "new" balsa faster than the old one? I sure feels like it :)
and I seems to be more stable (It's possible to double-click on mail-folders without causing a coredump :)

Anyhow, I'm waiting for a reply from Miguel, and then, hopefully, I'm there too :)


On Tue, 16 Nov 1999 23:23:57 Peter Williams wrote:
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> Greetings citizens;
> I've started hammering away on Balsa, particularly the GUI (not changing it,
> just making it work). Can the adventurous take a look at the CVS version and
> point out things that suck? I'll see what I can do about them,
> Thanks,
> Peter
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