Re: CVS access request for Balsa

On Sun, 07 Nov 1999 21:12:19 David Pickens wrote:
> This sounds good -- I had pretty much given up on continued development.
> Not to sound 'defeatist', but I wonder if it might not be useful, for
> those who have time, to begin discussion of the GUI for evolution on the
> balsa-mailer list.  (I'm not sure that I fall in this category, myself --
> or, rather, I may not be ready to do work on any mailer for a couple of
> weeks.)  Immediately, though, I DO think that CVS access is a step in the
> right direction.  Peter, are you handling the forwarding of this info to
> Miguel, or are we doing this individually?
> David

I emailed him my account request (to that's the right address,
right?). I suppose I could forward yours but all you need is an informative
subject line...

We should definitely be aware of what's going on with Evolution. But as you say,
having CVS access is a good thing for Balsa.

Peter Williams

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