Getting CVS accounts

I've fired off an email to Havoc Penning on behalf of myself, Hector,
Ragnar, and David asking for CVS access. (I hope I'm not being too 
presumptuous here.) I'll wait and see what happens.

On Sun, 07 Nov 1999 09:59:28 Hector Garcia wrote:
> Hi Peter
> Well, I do believe that if you can, you should try to get a CVS account at least for
> you, Ragnar and David Pickens (the author of the threading patch), even if we
> all share only one account, because rigth now we are stuck with new funtionality (the
> patches) and no way to share it to each other.
> It is really complicated to apply the patches since the second one may not find the
> correct lines when you apply the first one.
> I donīt have even a clue of how to get the CVS account, but if you do please try to
> do so.
> I have tryed to contad Stuart, but I didnīt get any answer. I donīt know what itīs
> going on, maybe he is busy working on balsa or in another project but taking this
> long to commit changes to the CVS it is no good for the open source development
> model.
> Hector

Peter Williams

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