Still waiting on commits

Hi everybody

I may be a pain, but since I decided to start working on balsa (even is not much
what I can do) I have found the problem of not having a place where to find
everyones contribs (the patches send to the list most of the time doesnīt fit in
because they are made from different sources).

Stuart is supposed to be working on making the commits to the cvs, but I havenīt
read nothing about it since last week (when it was supposed to be all done).
I have one question, If Stuart is too busy (understandable), why doesnīt somebody
else get an account to be able to commit changes?
What it is needed to open such account? (maybe Stuartīs agreement?)
Any voluntiers?

I have try most of the patches and the ones put toguether by Ragnar on the ftp
server but the ones with all the changes I cannot make them compile and if Iīm going
to keep with the CVS server sources doesnīt make much sense anyway until they are

I hope that somebody would be able to answer my questions.



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