Re: Console balsa (Was: Filtering Options?)

On Fri, May 21, 1999 at 09:58:12AM +1000, Daniel Woods wrote:

> Also, I'm pleased with another GNOME App, TCD, in that there 
>+is the X Version (gtcd) and the console version (tcd). Is there a good 

yep:) cool stuff.

>+console mailer which could be configured using the .balsarc file?

mutt, I believe mutt-stuff is already used in the Balsa-source.

> For example, I use ~/.Mail/, rather than ~/Mail/ and have this specified 
>+in ~/.balsarc. Is there any console mailer that could do likewise.

check out

IMO mutt is really great (with a good .muttrc of course)  :)

Those screenshots with Eterm are pretty nice, though I like the old 
mutt-colors much better.

- greetings, Albert -
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