Re: Some feature suggestions

Nathan Clemons wrote:
> One of the mail reasons that I have not migrated my mail program away from
> Eudora is that I have yet to see a strong UNIX email package that will
> compete with it.

Netscape Communicator?



The last two are both more powerful than Eudora, as far as I know.

> I can do IMAP if I want. I have little to no experience with it. I don't
> think I need to, because the idea of storing my mail permanently on a
> server doesnt sit well with me. Storing mail on a workstation and being
> able to look at things without an internet connection is a _must have_ for
> me.

Sounds like you should investigate fetchmail.

> I originally looked at Balsa a while back. Once I got GNOME working, which
> was in part driven by a desire to see Balsa, I was impressed by the
> looks... and not impressed by the (lack of) features. C'mon, how hard can
> it be to add SMTP mailer support? If I had the time, I'd at least hack
> THAT into working, but I don't.

It's not clear to me that its 'the right way' for MUA to support SMTP on
a unix machine.  I suspect it is neater design to have the MUA deliver
to an MTA, and the MTA set up to deliver to your ISPs smtp host.

However, I expect it'll get implemented anyhow :-)

> Balsa is drifting in the wind until it can come remotely close to
> rivalling Eudora, imho. I'm watching kMail at the moment... it has too
> many annoying features at the moment imho like several popup windows when
> checking multiple POPs...

There are loads of interesting mailers in development at the moment -
mahogany looks pretty good, and empath apparently does.


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