Re: Some feature suggestions

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Ric Tibbetts wrote:

> I really have to interject a STRONG objection here.
> I've been a big "balsa hopeful" for a long time. Even doing a fair amount of
> prodding when I thought things were coming to a halt.
> 	I'm glad to see that someone has picked up the ball and is going to
> re-start this project, but I think that some time needs to spent examining what
> the product is going to be. Reading through the below, all I see it IMAP this,
> and IMAP that, and that since the developer doesn't use POP, well, he'll jsut
> develop IMAP.
> 	POP means "client side filtering", and multiple POP account
> capabilities. Without that, balsa is just more floatsam.
> 	I have to say it: If you're going to develop the product, then develop
> the "whole" product. don't leave a major portion of the user base out in the
> cold.
> 	Sigh.. will us POP users EVER have a decent E-Mail package, or are well
> all destined to live with Netscape & Pine?
> 	Flame away if you're going too. I'm to tired of this to care.
> 		Ric

One of the mail reasons that I have not migrated my mail program away from
Eudora is that I have yet to see a strong UNIX email package that will
compete with it.

I can do IMAP if I want. I have little to no experience with it. I don't
think I need to, because the idea of storing my mail permanently on a
server doesnt sit well with me. Storing mail on a workstation and being
able to look at things without an internet connection is a _must have_ for

I originally looked at Balsa a while back. Once I got GNOME working, which
was in part driven by a desire to see Balsa, I was impressed by the
looks... and not impressed by the (lack of) features. C'mon, how hard can
it be to add SMTP mailer support? If I had the time, I'd at least hack
THAT into working, but I don't.

Balsa is drifting in the wind until it can come remotely close to
rivalling Eudora, imho. I'm watching kMail at the moment... it has too
many annoying features at the moment imho like several popup windows when
checking multiple POPs...

My $0.02.


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