Re: idl files.

>>>>> "Shawn" == Shawn L Bierman <> writes:

    Shawn> I downloaded the 0.4.9 version of balsa.  I am getting
    Shawn> these errors.

    Shawn> In file included from balsa.h:7, from balsa-skels.c:6:
    Shawn> /usr/local/include/orb/orbit.h:37: #error "You need to
    Shawn> rerun 'orbit-idl' on the .idl file whose stubs you are
    Shawn> using. These stubs were generated with an older version of
    Shawn> ORBit, and need to be regenerated."

    Shawn> I ran orbit-idl idl/balsa.idl but it didnt help.  The
    Shawn> filedate on balsa.idl didn't change either.  What am I
    Shawn> doing wrong?

I just did a "touch idl/balsa.idl" and reran make.  That did the trick.


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