Re: Help with making balsa

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Jules Bean wrote:
> > > orbit-idl: error in loading shared libraries
> > > : undefined symbol: __register_frame_info
> > 
> > Yeah, I don't know what the GNOME people were smoking, but most of their
> > libraries are wack--very disappointing. I now only build from SRPMS, and
> > everything works fine.
> This is a known egcs bug, which affects all of the latest release of
> RedHat.  Since most people who run GNOME are also running this release of
> redhat, they don't notice it.
> It is noticed by, for example, Debian users (or anyone else who hasn't got
> a glibc compiled by the buggy egcs version).

It isn't a bug, it is a design implementation.  All egcs/pgcc compilers will
insert the above symbol from now on.

Please see item 2.8 in the GLIBC FAQ for a paragraph of explanation.

The answer is to compile all your products with the same version of
compiler.  This includes your C library as well as your applications.  I.e.
use egcs on everything instead of mixing egcs and gcc.

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