Re: Help with making balsa

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Michael K Vance wrote:

> Jules Bean wrote:
> > This is a known egcs bug, which affects all of the latest release of
> > RedHat.  Since most people who run GNOME are also running this release of
> > redhat, they don't notice it.
> Well, I'm running a RedHat box, with the RedHat glibc, and the GNOME RPMs gave
> me this error. When I changed to the SRPMs, it went away. The SRPMs were
> compiled with egcs-1.1.1.


SRPMs aren't compiled at all, are they?

I thought SRPMs were 'source' RPMS.  I'm a Debian user, so I've never
checked that assumption.

In any case, the problems I described certainly don't affect anything
compiled locally.  They affect things compiled against a broken libc,
which was in turn compiled by a broken egcs.


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