Re: Duh, or How to Build 0.4.9 on gnome-1.0

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Scott Tyson wrote:

> I've been round and round with amny people on this list about that
> subject.  ONce balsa is done it will be pretty functional.  Most Linux
> users dont want to have an outlook/eudora close for linux.  I think thye
> are missing a BIG oportunity.  Jeez many people think we should have to
> use fetchmail and prcomail to get pop3 support and filtering.  Thasa 
> pain in the ass if you ask me.  :).  

Well, personnaly, I like fetchmail combined with sendmail. Although there
is a major bug in sendmail : you cannot SPAM yourself : I mean, you can
masquarade your domain name, but you will always have the login name of
the guy who sent the mail... Shit. (I tried to change the m4 files... no

But this is somewhat off topic. I really think that people using computers
who are likely to switch to linux have internet access... And so they are
using email. If there is no REAL nice well implemented email client, they
will never use linux. Also ,for example, netscape or, mozilla should be
rewritten for gnome, to support the html targets mailto: for balsa for
example... We need a REAL netword tool set.
Who is going to do this ? Or is this just too much of user-friendlyness
for our meat-eating pinguin ?

> Jean-Philippe Gaillard wrote:> 
> > Yep, It compiles nice... Although, Balsa does not work ! I mean, did you try to
> > reply ton an email ?
> > jpg
> > 
> > PS: I have a REAL question here : What is the future going to be for e-mail
> > under Linux ? I mean, Outlook Express is some very impressive software, I have
> > to admit, and I wanted to know if someone plans to make this time of good tool
> > for Linux. Please don't answer me emalers exist etc... I know. I am speaking of
> > a REAL X windows software, beautiful, functional and powerfull, with
> > drag and drop, etc...

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