RE: Duh, or How to Build 0.4.9 on gnome-1.0

Yep, It compiles nice... Although, Balsa does not work ! I mean, did you try to
reply ton an email ?

PS: I have a REAL question here : What is the future going to be for e-mail
under Linux ? I mean, Outlook Express is some very impressive software, I have
to admit, and I wanted to know if someone plans to make this time of good tool
for Linux. Please don't answer me emalers exist etc... I know. I am speaking of
a REAL X windows software, beautiful, functional and powerfull, with drag and

On 09-Mar-99 Michael K Vance wrote:
> You just need to run orbit-idl on idl/balsa.idl to create a new spec file.
> Everything compiles fine then.
> m.
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E-Mail: Jean-Philippe Gaillard <>
Date: 10-Mar-99
Time: 00:33:51

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