Re: Duh, or How to Build 0.4.9 on gnome-1.0

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Jean-Philippe Gaillard wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Scott Tyson wrote:
> > I've been round and round with amny people on this list about that
> > subject.  ONce balsa is done it will be pretty functional.  Most Linux
> > users dont want to have an outlook/eudora close for linux.  I think thye
> > are missing a BIG oportunity.  Jeez many people think we should have to
> > use fetchmail and prcomail to get pop3 support and filtering.  Thasa 
> > pain in the ass if you ask me.  :).  
> Well, personnaly, I like fetchmail combined with sendmail. Although there
> is a major bug in sendmail : you cannot SPAM yourself : I mean, you can
> masquarade your domain name, but you will always have the login name of
> the guy who sent the mail... Shit. (I tried to change the m4 files... no
> way)

That's not a bug in sendmail.  You're simply not configuring it to do what
it wants.  Then again, sendmail is extremely difficult to configure, so I
don't blame you.  (The defaults work the way you describe to help
sys-admins track who really sent the mail).

People are really not understanding the issue here.  The issue is about
doing things *right* even if it's slightly harder - the pay-offs will be
worth it, eventually.  And that means modularising code, not bloating
applications.  It's mainly orthogonal to ease-of-use, and I certainly want
balsa to be easy to use.

> But this is somewhat off topic. I really think that people using computers
> who are likely to switch to linux have internet access... And so they are
> using email. If there is no REAL nice well implemented email client, they
> will never use linux. Also ,for example, netscape or, mozilla should be
> rewritten for gnome, to support the html targets mailto: for balsa for
> example... We need a REAL netword tool set.

There are, of course.  Both mutt and gnus are superb, well implemented
email programs.  They don't have GUIs, though...

Mozilla will, when it releases, have a pretty exciting email client in it
- we'll see how that works out.

> Who is going to do this ? Or is this just too much of user-friendlyness
> for our meat-eating pinguin ?

I have no objection to user-friendliness, when it doesn't compromise
power.  Many commercial applications compromise their power, and become
badly broken in some ways, because they refuse to implement anything until
they have a visually attractive GUI for it - and GUI's are really hard to
design, for complex ideas.


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