Getting Up to Date


Hi, I'm new to the list, just wondering if there is an up-to-date project
status list somewhere. Seems hasn't been updated in a while (of
course you all know this), and 0.4.9 doesn't build with the 1.0.1 release it
seems, so I was just wondering where the project is/where it's going/etc. I
tried looking through the CVS repository, but it was slightly less informative
than one would hope.

Anyway, a brief idea would be appreciated, along with what version of Balsa
everyone is using, and where they're getting it from.

And, BTW, I would like filters in Balsa ;). I have procmail, but have never
touched it, and desperately need the ability to filter on subject and to/cc
into the appropriate folders for my POP3 account. Help me get rid of Netscape



"We can deny everything, except that we have the possibility of being better.
 Simply reflect on that."
 -- His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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