Slight patch.

This patch causes the "#if" directive in mailbox-list.c to be moved
to what (I think) is a more appropriate place.  As it is, the data
structures are being freed, but not replaced due to the incompleteness
of the IMAP Properties configuration code.  This can cause crashes, and
other random behavior after choosing to edit properties on an IMAP

I'll try to work on a real patch for the config stuff sometime.  :)

Jesse D. Sightler
--- /home/jsight/gnomecvs/balsa/src/mailbox-conf.c	Tue Mar  2 19:59:44 1999
+++ mailbox-conf.c	Fri Mar  5 00:40:30 1999
@@ -423,13 +423,13 @@
     case MAILBOX_IMAP:
+#if 0
       g_free (mailbox->name);
       g_free (MAILBOX_IMAP (mailbox)->user);
       g_free (MAILBOX_IMAP (mailbox)->passwd);
       g_free (MAILBOX_IMAP (mailbox)->path);
       g_free (MAILBOX_IMAP (mailbox)->server);
-#if 0
       mailbox->name = g_strdup (gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (mcw->imap_mailbox_name)));
       MAILBOX_IMAP (mailbox)->user = g_strdup (gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (mcw->imap_username)));
       MAILBOX_IMAP (mailbox)->passwd = g_strdup (gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (mcw->imap_password)));

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