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At 09:01 05.03.99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, I'm new to the list, just wondering if there is an up-to-date project
>status list somewhere. Seems hasn't been updated in a while (of
>course you all know this), and 0.4.9 doesn't build with the 1.0.1 release it
>seems, so I was just wondering where the project is/where it's going/etc. I
>tried looking through the CVS repository, but it was slightly less
>than one would hope.

Stuart sent the following to the list last week (hope that answer the
questions), also you might want to have a look to


----------------------------------------- From: Stuart Parmenter:

Here's the current game plan:

we need to start working on libbalsa (or some other name for the mail library)

i've got a proposal that was written by Walt Armour which looks pretty good
that I will post on the web after we talk about a few more things.

libbalsa will replace libmutt and the current libbalsa, providing a awsome
mail library that can handle mbox, mh, maildir, pop3, imap, etc quickly and

Doing this should allow many of the "hacks" in the UI code to be removed and
done the right way.

things that are effected by this right now are:
    subscription, folder lists, etc.
    delete from server
    feedback so we can do progress meters
  and others

Filters are being worked on, but rather slowly.  Feel free to email (cc balsa-list) if you want to ask questions about filters or
anything filtering related.

I have been told that I will be able to print the canvas sometime, which will
allow for printing of messages.

We need to get spell checking worked into the compose window.  We also need to
allow for external compose editors like vim, emacs, etc.

Keyboard navigation needs to be worked on.  Could someone that maybe has
access to lots of different mail clients find out what keyboard things they
use for everything, and compile a big list, then see what keys are the most
common and we can use those?  Then possibly later, we can have a keyboard
mapping so we can allow people to pick a keyboard shortcut "set" that is the
same as some other mail clients.

Address book should be working shortly after the next release (0.5.0).

I hope this answers everyones questions about what is going on with balsa.

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