Re: Configuration

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Walt Armour wrote:

> Hmmm...  Warning: non-procmail user here.  :)
> Anyway, the primary thing I was trying to avoid was requiring the user to
> configure other software packages in order to get their mail.  When I say
> 'transparent' I mean that Joe User should not have to worry about
> configuring/maintaining it.  If we can achieve this with the current
> procmail then perhaps we should use it.

Certainly, that kind of transparency is desirable.

I wonder if perhaps this is really the domain of a gnome-mail
configurator, which understands the chain


(Ie. sendmail-procmail-balsa, or exim-procmail-balsa)

and knows how to configure a few alternatives for each level.

OTOH, that's probably a fairly large project.  It may be the technically
neatest approach, though.


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