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>Here's one issue about GUI mail clients in general: they're incredibly
>I use mutt.  I have different settings for different traffic: different From:
>line, different .sig's, different PGP options, and so on.  Mutt lets me do
>this with its configuration: different settings are set with different (text)
>options, ie "my_hdr From: Glenn Maynard <>", and I can 
>hook different settings to different mailboxes with "folder-hook foo
>my_hdr From: Glenn ...".
>This gives me a lot of flexibility that isn't available in (to my knowledge)
>any existing GUI MUA.  I'd like to use one (they fit in better then mutt in
>an Eterm), but I can't "scale down" my needs.

Without wanting to sound like a rabid Mac user, Claris Emailer 2.0v3 does 
all of that in a GUI. Too bad that Apple apparently killed 
Outlook Express is "default installed" (read: sell our souls to M$). 
Emailer does multiple sigs, random sigs, added headers, header sets, 
script-based filing and sorting, autorespond, added functions using 
AppleScript, etc. etc. etc., and multiple setting groups are easy to 
make. Might be a good model for Balsa to look at.

I'll drop back into lurk mode for now...



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