Re: Configuration


I did not follow everything what was posted, neither here nor in GNOME.
But from what I see, I think there are ways to handle these gnomish.

> Does anyone have any ideas of a configuration model that would fit in 
> with Gnome, and give something comparable to mutt's flexibility?
What you want to do is packaging a set of options. This can be expanded
almost infinitely, even through appearance of balsa being different in
some occasions. Different sets of settings in GNOME are often handled
through themes. In the beginning building a theme could only mean
setting your .sig. Later this could be extended. A theme could be
extended when balsa improves.

The other gnomish idea is the one of plugins. Guile seemes to be pretty
easy to incorporate in an application. One could even base filters on
this. The benefit is the same as in emacs et altera: You have an
interface that allows avery user to enhance your program without
knowing to much about it.

Just my 0.02 Euro,

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