Re: Balsa Development Plans

Hmmm...perhaps you're right, but here's my situation, I assume if this is
affecting me that it will affect others also.

My ISP has indicated that it will not support IMAP4 in the foreseeable
future.  Perhaps I need to switch ISPs, but other than this they have been
very good for me.

What I do is read my email throughout the day on a couple of different 
machines.  Then at the end of the day I download all my email to my 
main machine and archive the messages I want to keep deleting it 
from the server at that time.  With Balsa if I re-download my 
messages I either end up having to delete some messages everytime I
check my mail or I end up with some messages multiple times.

>Anyway, this kind of functionality is sort of what falls into the purview
>of IMAP.  While we could attempt to support this type of function for POP
>it would probably end up being a kludge at best due to limitations of POP.
>My suggestion would be to simply treat POP as most other clients do:
>download if it is there, delete it if they say so.  If a user wants this
>level of function we should probably point them at IMAP.  Most mail
>servers I look at nowadays support both so going to IMAP shouldn't be too
>big an issue.

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