Re: Balsa Development Plans

Some info:  I have just begin working on the headers for libbalsa.  With
luck I should have pretty much everything stubbed out by the end of the

Any suggestions for functionality would be most welcome.


 On Sun, 28 Feb
1999, Stuart Parmenter wrote:

> Here's the current game plan:
> we need to start working on libbalsa (or some other name for the mail library)
> i've got a proposal that was written by Walt Armour which looks pretty good
> that I will post on the web after we talk about a few more things.
> libbalsa will replace libmutt and the current libbalsa, providing a awsome
> mail library that can handle mbox, mh, maildir, pop3, imap, etc quickly and
> efficiently.
> Doing this should allow many of the "hacks" in the UI code to be removed and
> done the right way.
> things that are effected by this right now are:
>   imap
>     subscription, folder lists, etc.
>   pop3
>     delete from server
>     feedback so we can do progress meters
>   and others

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