Fw: New ideas for balsa

sounds good to me.. I like the plugin options, gives a program a much longer
"shelf" life.. (if a linux proggie can have a shelf life. =P)


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> I have been thinking and I had this idea to rewrite balsa in a way that
> makes the program small and supporting many features. We can do this
> because a user will not use POP, IMAP, NNTP, SMTP, etc at the same time.
> We can also have many different ways to add protocols to the program.
> This idea is just the middle ware between the front-end and the back-end.
> We define a interface for plugins. Each plugin can handle a different
> mailbox type. For instance, one plugin can handle POP with fetchmail,
> other can handle POP with gnome-mail, other can handle local mailboxes,
> etc. We just need to define the correct interface for the plugin.
> Each plugin knows how to get mail, how to configure to get mail, how to
> search on the mailbox, how to sort the mailbox, how to filter the email
> and send it to other mailboxes.
> We can also have another type of plugins to send emails. Each plugin a
> different protocol.
> Some of the functions can be shared between the plugins through a library
> or something.
> The plugins can be built using other solid programs that exist on unix
> like fetchmail and procmail.
> So the front-end just has to associate a plugin type to every mailbox it
> manages.
> Using this method we can easily add new protocols to the program.
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