Re: Yet more backend

Peter Williams schrieb:
> >From what I've seen about procmail and fetchmail et al., it would be
> a very good idea to implement transfer with fetchmail, but I'm not sure
> that procmail would be the best way to sort the mail.
> Once we get mail into the system queue we can take care of it -- I like
> the idea of vfolders as posited in the gnome-mailer devel-docs. Balsa
> would write a fetchmail RC file, invoke fetchmail, and move the messages
> in the system mailbox into its own private folder. The problem there would
> be whether to lump everything into one folder and rely on a vfolder
> implementation, or to sort it into folders in a way that other mailreaders
> could understand.
> I think the question is whether Balsa is really just a mail viewer and
> composer, or whether it should go beyond that and allow you to
> manipulate folders, fool around with IMAP, etc. MHO is that it should allow
> control over folders, either by itself or by generated procmail RC's.
> So...
> 1) Do the IMAP users out there use folders in their IMAP account, or not?

Nearly All Users here in my company use IMAP with folders quite
(some have > 100 folders or so ...)
I think IMAP folder support is a MUST for a modern mail client. At the
the only client that can handle this (not too perfect, but .. ) is
I think there are quite a lot e-mail programs for linux out there, that
do pop3
or local mail quite fine, but no real IMAP program ..


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