A little patch

Hi people.

I have a problem when you use balsa and when I'm using pine. I always have
your message as an attachment. So after looking at the headers of the 
email sent with balsa I found out this tag:

	Content-Transfer-Encoding: x-unknown

If I remove this line all works fine. So I digged a little bit on balsa
sources and I did this little patch that fixes it. I think it is
correct. I would appreciate if you all apply this patch to your sources or
event to the CVS tree if it is correct.

I'm also creating a big patch with the patchs on the list since 1999/03/23
till today. I also add some stuff like saving the sent message to a
sentbox (sorry, I think doesn't work with imap). This patch will be for
users with fetchmail or something like that to retrieve email and want to
use balsa to send and read email.


                                               Bruno Pires Marinho
diff -ruN balsa-old/libbalsa/send.c balsa/libbalsa/send.c
--- balsa-old/libbalsa/send.c	Wed Jun 16 21:59:57 1999
+++ balsa/libbalsa/send.c	Wed Jun 16 22:00:50 1999
@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@
   body->subtype = g_strdup ("plain");
   body->unlink = 1;
   body->use_disp = 0;
+  body->encoding = ENC7BIT;
   mutt_mktemp (buffer);
   body->filename = g_strdup (buffer);

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