Yet more backend

>From what I've seen about procmail and fetchmail et al., it would be
a very good idea to implement transfer with fetchmail, but I'm not sure
that procmail would be the best way to sort the mail.

Once we get mail into the system queue we can take care of it -- I like
the idea of vfolders as posited in the gnome-mailer devel-docs. Balsa
would write a fetchmail RC file, invoke fetchmail, and move the messages
in the system mailbox into its own private folder. The problem there would
be whether to lump everything into one folder and rely on a vfolder
implementation, or to sort it into folders in a way that other mailreaders
could understand.

I think the question is whether Balsa is really just a mail viewer and
composer, or whether it should go beyond that and allow you to
manipulate folders, fool around with IMAP, etc. MHO is that it should allow
control over folders, either by itself or by generated procmail RC's.

1) Do the IMAP users out there use folders in their IMAP account, or not?
2) I think something that will be relevant no matter what we do is MIME 
   parsing. Is someone willing to clean up the libmutt MIME code so that
   it's more legible and separate from the libmutt transport code?

Peter Williams

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