Re: libfetchmail

On Wed, Jun 16, 1999 at 09:50:22AM -0700, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> A gui wrapper would fix that problem. Just because a program is console
> based dosnt mean that it cant be used by a gui program
> (look at gtm. It uses wget). In fact, I think it is better to have a console
> program wraped by a gui in most cases. That way, the user can use the
> program gui if he/she dosnt want to play with cli, and console if he/she
> knows what he/she is doing. Choice is a good thing. :)

Yes, true, but wouldn't a lib have a cleaner interface so it'd be easier to
use than running a console front-end and working via stdin/out ?

Would be great if the proc/fetchmail guys could split up their code between
the lib and the frontend. I suppose it's not really worth the trouble for
them, is it?

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